This set of pages contains specific instructions on how to complete the On-Line Police Crime Report. It would be a VERY good idea for you to print these pages on your printer so that you can refer to the instruction sheet as you complete the Online Crime Report Form. Most of the boxes on the report form are self explanatory. Please complete all fields that apply to the incident. Much of the information that you provide is utilized in preparing crime statistics. This information is kept confidential and is only released on a need / right to know basis. An example of need / right to know would be if a victim's insurance agent / company requests a copy of a report to process a claim or if you or someone else involved in the incident needs a copy.

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To begin the report process click on the words "Continue To Report Form" at the end of this page. If you are not sure about what information is requested, please refer back to this page. You can navigate from field to field by hitting the tab key - don't use the Enter key on your keyboard until you are ready to send your report.

What kind of crime are you reporting?
Currently you may only report the following incident types:
( Pick the category that best describes the incident that you are reporting)

If the incident that you are reporting has suspect information, either name or description, do not use the on-line process, call (760) 323-8116 and press 4. If you are reporting an emergency dial 9-1-1.

What is the address or specific location of the incident?
If possible list the address of the location of the incident. If the address is not known you may describe the location by name if that location is a commonly recognized landmark or location. An example would be the Palm Springs Mall, or Downtown Parking Structure.

What is the cross street of the incident?
If you do not know the exact location, or if the incident occurred on a street, you may give the nearest cross streets as the location, (Sunrise Way and Ramon Rd.). We must have a specific location of some kind to accept your crime report (you cannot just list "Sunrise Way.")

When did this incident occur? (Date and Time)
If you know the specific date of the incident, enter that date using the following format: month/day/year or "Unknown." if not known.

The premise type where this incident occurred was:
If the incident premise type was a premise that is not listed with the check boxes, select the "other" check box and complete the other field. Examples of other premise types would be "store, business, public roadway, etc.".

Was there a vehicle involved?
If the crime occurred to a persons vehicle such as vandalism, or the theft occurred from a vehicle, check the yes box and complete the following fields describing the victim vehicle. If the incident occurred from another location or to other property, select " no" in the drop down menu and bypass the vehicle description fields.

What type of vehicle involved?
Was the vehicle a 4 door, SUV, Pick up, etc.

What type of vandalism occurred?
If for example the vandalism was a rock thrown through a window, select "Break Glass" from the drop down menu. If for example the damage was vehicle paint scratched, keyed, or painted on, select Keyed/Scratched from the menu. If the damage was to the tires select this menu option. If you need to clarify further, you may do so later in this report in the additional information area.

What was the point of entry?
How did the perpetrator enter the victims property? Select the appropriate category from the drop down menu. You will only use this drop down menu field if the type of crime being reported was a theft or auto burglary. If you are reporting a crime where there was no entry into a vehicle, residence or other type structure, select "N/A" (not applicable).

What was the method of entry?
How did the perpetrator of the crime being reported actually make entry into the victims property. Your choices are N/A (not applicable), Open/Unlocked (referring to a door or window), Break Glass, Pry (where a tool was used to pry open a door or window), Body Force, Unknown (where the reporting person could not determine how entry was made) or other.

What was the location of entry?
Select the category that best describes the location where the perpetrator entered the premise.

Where was the victim at the time of this incident?
Select the category that best describes where the victim was at the time of the incident

Please provide a brief summary of the incident:
This is a free form box in which the victim can type a brief explanation of what happened. Please be brief and to the point. The victims entire itinerary of a day is not needed. An example would be: "I went to the grocery store at approximately 1:30pm. My car was left unattended in the store parking lot for approximately 30 minutes. When I came out I noticed that the left rear tire had been slashed".

Describe What Was ?
Select the category that best describes the nature of the property you will describe: Stolen, lost, etc.

Description of Property:
The following information is required when describing property that has been stolen or lost. Enter the data in the following format: Type of Article, Quantity, Serial No, Brand & Model, Color, Dollar Value. Place a comma after each item and then enter 4 spaces after each comma. If you do not know the information for a category, enter "Unknown". To enter a second item, hit the enter key and repeat the process.

1. Television, serial # 121433534444, Sony Trinitron 27", Silver with black trim, $350 value.

2. $500 cash in $100 bills.

3. Bronze statue of swan, Approx. 4 feet high, mounted on wooden base, $3000 value.

Following are examples of information that should be included if available in addition to the value. IMPORTANT - Include all SERIAL numbers if available:

Some items will have to be described as best you can as they will not have identifying numbers. After you receive your report number, you may want to mail or bring in a photograph of the items so they can be identified.

It is very important that you provide serial numbers if available. Each year we surplus a lot of unclaimed property because we cannot locate the owner.

Total Value of all Items:
Add up the value of the total loss of the victim and enter that number in this field.

Victim Information:
Enter as much information as you have about the victim of this crime.

What are the victim's first, middle and last names?
If you are reporting this incident on behalf of another person use that persons name and address information. If the victim of a crime is a business, list the business name in this box, but be sure to list your name in the Additional Victim box below.

What is the victims address?
Please list the actual mailing address of the victim of the crime - not the location where the incident occurred. If the victim utilizes a Post Office Box for receiving mail, the actual street address of the victim should be entered.

What ethnicity is the victim?
This field is a drop down box. When you click on the field it will open presenting the user with current Department of Justice race descriptors which are listed in alphabetical order. Please choose the descriptor that most closely describes the victims ethnicity.

What gender is the victim?
This field is a drop down box.

What is the Date of Birth?
Use the following format: 04/13/2005

What are the victims phone numbers?
Please enter a valid phone number or numbers.

What is the victim's drivers license number?
In California, the number is in this format: A1234567. Other states have different formats.

Additional Victim or Other:
Use this box to list the names of other victims, or the reporting party if the victim is a business or if making the report for another.

Additional Information:
Include any information that you feel may be important to this case. For example, if you do not know for sure who the suspect is, but you suspect it may be someone you know, list them here. If you are an employee at a victim business, you may want to list your work days and hours for contact if needed. If you have additional phone numbers or a different mailing address you would like us to include on the report, list them here.

Reporting Information:
This information is needed to validate your report.

Type your name as you would sign it. This e-signature is an acknowledgement that you are certifying that the information you entered is true and correct.

Email address:
Please enter your email address in this format: Once you submit your report and it has been reviewed, your report number will be emailed to you. If you are using a computer at a public library and do not have an email address, write "none" in the box. You will have to call the station to have get the number.

Date of report:
Use the following format: 04/13/2005

I have read and/or printed the instructions, and now I want to: File an Online Crime Report.